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'Gilded Light’ originates from my adoration and fascination with history, art and architecture; grounded in Venice. Inspired by the golden-age of travel, curated for a modern-day audience, a seasonless, high-end bespoke womenswear: interchangeable pieces, creating a capsule collection.


Designing and creating meaningfully through craftsmanship and emotional durability, contemporary pieces that are meant to be cherished. By utilising both traditional and beautiful embroidery & embellishment with modern-day techniques like laser cutting, I’m representing the ornate structural and architectural details found in Venice; gilded in light and reflections. Combined with timelessly elegant floral, fruit & foliage details found in the iconography of Renaissance and Venetian art.


My passion is design, including embroidery in all its forms. Driven by a love of detail and exquisite techniques, I create in any way I can.

Gilded Light - Rosie Watkins
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